SYRIA IN CONTEXT - Giving Tuesday Call

Dear Friends and Followers,

After Black Friday, it’s Giving Tuesday - and as we’re headed for a cold winter and uncertain future in Syria, we encourage our readers to take a moment out of their busy days and consider supporting some of these deserving organizations below.

  • INARAorg intervene to help Syrians with complex medical issues and change their lives in the process. Donate here.

  • KaramFoundation do great and diverse work on Syria and are helping to create a generation of future leaders. Donate here.

  • HelpRefugees work with refugees, including Syrians, in the EU's crunch points like Lesvos and Calais. Donate here.

  • SyriaDirect train Syrian journalists and continue to do deep reporting on Syria. Donate here.

  • basmehzeitooneh is a Syrian-led organization working in particular with refugees in Lebanon. Donate here.

  • SyriaRandD support Syrians displaced inside the country. Donate here.

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Thank you so much for your support, your solidarity and for your continued interest in the situation in Syria.

We wish you and your family blessed, happy and above all peaceful holiday season!

Emma and Tobias